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IELTS Speaking Part 3 Idea: TOPIC 11 COLLEAGUES

1. What do you think makes someone a good colleague?
A good colleague is:
• intuitive and thoughtful
• observant and compassionate
• compassionate and understanding
• honest and ethical
• reliable and punctual
• socially sensitive
• effective
• willing to help others and go the extra mile in solving problems.
A good colleague is someone who:
• offers me things at right times, for example, food and beverages when I am frantic or running errands when I am exhausted
• helps me when I’m overwhelmed
• helps me when I’m stuck
• reaches out and offers practical help
• is willing to contribute however they can
• knows what to say and do to make feel peaceful rather than more stress
• speaks plainly and with clarity
• doesn’t gossip or run people down.
• treats everyone with the same amount of respect.
2. Is it possible for a boss to be friends with their workers?
I guess it’s possible for a boss to be friends with their workers outside of work but only if:
• both parties know how to handle this effectively
• if parties have built strong boundaries so that the ‘friendship’ doesn’t impact how they perform their work together, and how they relate as professionals in a situation where the power between them is not equal
• parties make some ground rules about their relationship, including the understanding that the boss need remain fair and just in their leadership and management, and can’t show preferential treatment to this employee.
I guess it’s possible for a boss to be friends with their workers outside of work but only when both parties are:
• emotionally mature
• transparent and honest
• capable of effectively managing their feelings and emotions when things get tough
• aware of the power dynamics at play and strong and brave enough to address them
• not willing to use or manipulate other people as pawns for their own benefit.
3. Do you think that having good colleagues is the most important thing at work?
Having good colleagues is the most important thing at work because it:
• is the real secret to staying happy at work
• is a little delight amid the tedium
• is important for employees to thrive
• is important for people’s mental well-being
• saves people from anxiety, depression and other stress-related ailments
• increases people’s happiness at work
• has a dramatic positive effect on people’s moods
• helps people feel more connected to their place of employment.
I think that the most important thing at work is:
• good pay
• opportunities to advance
• using your talents
• engaging in challenging projects
• low stress environment
• interesting and satisfying work
• rewards and incentives.

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