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1. Why do people like to collect things from the past?
People collect things from the past:
• for sentimental value
• for knowledge
• to understand history
• to recapture their childhood
• to express their appreciation of beauty
• to make a statement about who they are
• from a sense of nostalgia for more simple times
• to affirm their good taste
• with the expectation of reselling these items for a profit
• to stay in touch with historical events.
People collect things from the past because:
• the items they collect hold sentimental value
• they give them a special kind of access to the past
• they provide a very tangible link between them and people of past societies.
2. Do you think museums are the best places to show collections of things from the past?
Museums are great places to show collections of things from the past as:
• they are built and designed for this purpose
• they usually have a lot of space inside, which is especially great for big collections
• museum objects are appropriately cared for there
• museum storage conditions are appropriate for protecting the objects and minimizing any deterioration
• they provide appropriate security, plan for disasters and other threats and make sure that museum staff are trained in proper handling procedures
• they have specialized storage areas.
3. Where can people find things from the past to collect?
• garage sales
• flea markets
• antique shows
• crafts fairs
• live auctions
• online auctions
• thrift stores
• antique shops and malls
• online antique shops and malls
• antique markets.

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