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IELTS Speaking Part 3 Idea: TOPIC 16 EATING OUT

1. Will you choose a cafe or restaurant when you meet others?
2. What are the differences between a cafe and a restaurant?
I will meet my friends at a cafe as it:
• is a casual eating place
• is less expensive than a restaurant
• is ideal for conversation
• is a perfect place for conversing on any topic enjoying some drink and sweet stuff
• is an ideal place for family and friend get-togethers
• is an amazing place of excitement
• offers a light casual environment
• serves coffee, cakes, light snacks and a variety of hot and cold beverages
• has a great cosy atmosphere
• has a special aura that makes people open up more
• makes people feel more open with friends
• lets people feel comfortable
• lets people feel at home.
I’d rather meet my friends at a restaurant as it:
• is a more formal dining place
• is more expensive than a cafe
• is perfect for business meetings and conversations
• offers much more varied service
• serves set meals
• has a greater variety of foods.

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