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1. What sorts of people are famous in your country?
2. How do people become famous?
Famous people in my country:
• artists
• actors and actresses
• TV presenters
• singers
• musicians
• business people
• politicians
• scientists
• characteristics of famous people:
• lucky
• hard-working
• devoted to some passion
• looking for publicity
• successful
• charismatic
• charming
• powerful
• intelligent.
Ways to become famous:
People become famous if they:
• discover or invent something important
• achieve something others just dream about
• have outstanding accomplishments
• break stereotypes
• outdo themselves
• contribute in various spheres of life
• launch a successful start-up
• often appear in public
• are in the public eye
• organise or take part in charity events
• appear in TV shows
• star in ads
• make sensations
• do ridiculous things
• do exceptional things
• get involved in scandals
• have luxury lifestyle
• are justice fighters.
3. Are there any differences between the people who were famous a few years ago (e.g., 10-50 years ago) and the people who are famous today?
A decade and more ago people could become famous for:
• their achievements
• having outstanding accomplishments
• doing something incredible or unbelievable
• doing great things
• contributing in various spheres of life.
Now people can become famous mostly for:
• their private lives and the image they try to project
• their naked bodies shown on TV or on the Internet
• being friends with celebrities
• dating a celebrity
• appearing in TV shows
• getting involved in scandals.
4. What qualities do famous people have in common?
Famous people have:
• a charisma
• recognizable image
• a vision
• a novelty
• a purpose
• expertise and excellence
• a positive attitude to everything
• perseverance
• a high self-esteem
• big dreams
• an excellent network
• a mindset of abundance
• self-control
Famous people are:
• successful
• multi-talented
• focused
• flexible
• brave
• action-oriented
• confident
• curious
• well-rounded and balanced
• enthusiastic
• self-reliant
• creative
• risk-taking
• visionary
• emotionally committed.
5. Do you think famous people ever have a negative influence on ordinary people?
Famous people have a negative influence on ordinary people if they:
• do some inappropriate things
• do something illegal
• engage in illicit activities
• set a bad example
• take drugs
• drink too much alcohol
• abuse drugs and alcohol
• have eating disorders
• have risk-taking behaviours.
6. Through what kind of media can they be famous?
• The Internet
• social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Tumblr
• television
• magazines
• newspapers
• radio.

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