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IELTS Speaking Part 3 Idea: TOPIC 3: BEAUTY

1. Do you think a person’s appearance is important?
• appearance is the make or break factor that opens doors, minds and opportunities
• appearance is a vital part in achieving whatever success people are seeking
• appearance is a person’s own image given out to other people.
I think a person’s appearance is important because:
• people are judged by their appearance
• it leaves and immediate impression on people
• the first impression always lies in people’s appearance
• first impressions last
• the way people look and carry themselves creates an impressions on people around
• people perceive other people based on their outer appearance
• looks matter a lot in many situations
• physical appearance does affect a person’s overall personality
• it help in building up relationships
• an attractive appearance is an added advantage.
• it’s possible to be happy without being perfect
• it shouldn’t be the only great thing about someone
• what makes someone beautiful to me is their generosity, courage, kindness, and sense of humour.
2. Which do you think is more important, a person’s appearance or their inner qualities?
Physical appearance is something that is easily overlooked when inner traits are brought into the picture.
I think inner qualities are more important than appearance because:
• a person’s personality facilitates all the important moments in life, and is what a person is really remembered for
• it is personality that makes a person interesting
• it is people’s inner qualities that makes people one of a kind
• no one remembers someone who passed away by thinking how beautiful or handsome they were
• unlike inner qualities, the attractiveness of physical looks changes rather drastically over time
• without inner beauty appearance doesn’t have much value.
3. Do you think wearing attractive clothes makes people more attractive
• Clothing matters
• Beautiful attire enhances attraction
• Certain items of clothing do make people more attractive
• Attractive clothes add self-confidence, and as a result, make people more attractive
• Attractive clothes give people`s confidence a boost and make them appear more attractive to others
• Dressing well can make people appear to be more physically attractive than they really are
• The clothes people wear make a tremendous impact on their overall image and the perception they make
4. What do you think the word ‘beauty’ means?
Sentence starters:
• there is no clear-cut answer to this question
• there is no one-fits-all answer to this question
• each person interprets beauty in their own fashion.
I think that beauty is:
• something that is pleasant to look
• something pleasing to the eye
• a combination of qualities such as shape, colour or form that pleases aesthetic senses.

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