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1. Do old people often change plans?
2. Do young people like to change plans?
3. What are the common reasons when people need to change plans?
How often:
• Often enough
• Every now and then
• Quite seldom
• Only when unexpected situations.
Reasons to change plans:
• break up their routine
• bring adventure into their life
• bring new beginnings and excitement to life.
People usually change their plans when:
• new opportunities arise
• their plans fail
• when something goes wrong along the way
• they see some better alternatives
• they feel they got stuck in a rut
• they can’t achieve their goals without changing plan.
Reasons not to change plans:
People don’t change their plans because:
• they are afraid of any changes
• they are afraid to lose something have already achieved
• they have an instinctive fear of the unknown
• any change causes stress.
4. How would you tell your friends if you had to change your plans?
• It depends on whether my plans are connected with them or impact them somehow.
• I would choose the most appropriate time and place and then just inform them about it.
• I often change my plans so my friends are used to it, that’s why I would just invite them for coffee and tell about these changes.
5. What kinds of plans are practical?
• the plans that bring a practical solution to some problem
• the plans that are useful, not just pleasant or not pleasant at all
• the plans which exclude the emotional touch.

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