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IELTS Speaking Part 3 Idea: TOPIC 9 CLASSMATES

1. Does it matter if a child likes their classmates?
If children like their classmates, they:
• enjoy school
• look forward to coming to school
• have a good emotional health and well-being
• have a sense of belonging within the class
• don’t feel disconnected and left out
• don’t have fear of ridicule
• will perform better academically because of a positive social life
• If children like their classmates, it:
• helps minimize classroom scuffles
• helps them feel good at school
• unites them and creates a drive to study harder
• It’s important for kids to like their classmates as:
• they spend a lot of time at school
• it’s crucial to academic success
• it creates a comfortable atmosphere in the class
• positive relationships have the ability and the power to unleash untapped potential in students.
2. How can children get along with their classmates?
To get along with their classmates, a child should:
• smile whenever they make eye contact with them
• be there for them when they need help or advice
• be a good listener to be able to respond with something related to what they were saying
• pay compliments (it will open the door to more conversation)
• be kind and encouraging
• do kind things for them like sharing
• notes if they missed class to show they care about developing a positive relationship with them
• find something that they both find to be funny in order to share a good laugh
• invite them to do something outside of class
• take advantage of social events like
• dances and sporting events when they come up to get to know their classmates better
• avoid shutting themselves off front of others, even if they feel lonely
• unplug from their devices and participate in the real world.
3. What kind of people do you like to study with?
I like to study with people who:
• share similar academic goals with me
• have the same level of motivation with me
• strive to reach perfection in the subject they study
• share similar study habits with me
• demonstrate consistency
• can fill the gaps in my learning
• help me fight boredom and get my work done
• are fun to be around but know when it’s time to focus
• don’t distract me
• can challenge me
I like to study with people:
• whose strengths compliment my weaknesses

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