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Tổng hợp 21 dạng câu hỏi liên quan đến Like và Dislike trong IELTS Speaking Part 1

Trong IELTS Speaking Part 1, dạng câu hỏi liên quan đến “Like” và “Dislike” thường xuyên xuất hiện trong các chủ đề khác nhau. Hãy cùng Haland English luyện tập cách trả lời dạng câu hỏi này thông qua các câu dự đoán đề thi Speaking thật của năm 2021 này nhé.

1. What do you dislike about parties?

Well, I generally enjoy the parties I go to, but there are a lot of things I don’t like. I’m not keen on meeting lots of new people at parties. In addition, if there are too many strangers at a party, I find myself having the same conversation again and again like “What’s your name? Where are you from?” things like that. I can’t stand doing that repetitively anyway.

2. What do you dislike about eating in restaurants?

Honestly, I am not really a big fan of eating in restaurants because I prefer eating homemade food. My mother is an excellent cook and I love to enjoy her delicious food.  What’s more, I am concerned about the food quality of the dishes I eat outside, not to mention a modest meal in a restaurant is also very expensive in my city.

3. What don’t you like about your studies?

 Of course I think I’d have to say that I’m not so into the size of the class in my university which is too crowded and sometimes, I cannot stand staying in a classroom where I can barely hear a word of my teacher. As well as that, time for each subject is not long enough for students to thoroughly understand the concepts, theoretical system and things like that.

4. Is there anything you dislike about your hometown?

Well, I’m not keen on the weather in my city. Honestly, I really can’t stand the summer months because the temperatures can get as high as 40 degrees. So, it can be quite uncomfortable if I don’t have an air conditioner in my house. What’s more, my city is quite a little bit quiet and not busy so sometimes I feel disinterested in getting around.

5. Are there any bad points about the weather in your city?

Well, I’m not keen on the weather in my city. Honestly, I really can’t stand the summer months because the temperatures can get as high as 40 degrees. So, it can be quite uncomfortable if I don’t have an air conditioner in my house.

6. Do you like Maths?

Definitely, I love calculating very much. When I was in high school, I was so passionate about finding clever ways to solve math problems that I sometimes immersed myself in it. So, it’s a reason why I chose to go to an economic university in order to continue my passion with numbers.

7. Do you like to use a calculator?

Yes, I do love using a calculator to make everything simpler. It allows me to calculate numbers more quickly without having to think much. I just need to input the figures into the calculator, then the right answers are displayed on the screen. Besides that, when going to the grocery store, I use a calculator on my phone to keep track of my expenses in order not to go beyond my budget.

8. Do you like to watch the sky?

Yes, when it comes to nature some people say they like the beaches, the mountains, or the oceans. But I always say the sky because it’s so magical when I can see countless glittering and twinkling stars.

9. Do you like to watch stars?-ok

Yes, I’m a big fan of watching stars. To me, stars are a magnificent work of art and I even find star-watching extremely interesting. In the summer nights, there are a lot of sparkling stars in the dark sky, which is really beautiful.

10. Do you like reading books? Why or why not?

Yes, I’m really into reading because I believe that reading can be both entertaining and educational. Reading broadens my horizon by opening up the whole world to me. My favorite book is “Think Out of The Box” which shows me how people solve problems or think up new ideas.

11. Do you like to get up early in the morning?

Actually, I’m an early bird. I love having the sun shine in through my window and breathing in the fresh air. What’s more, getting up early to hit the gym and then having breakfast at home makes me feel full of energy.

12. Do you like to go out with a big group or just a few friends?

I think it all depends on the place we are going to hang out. So, if it is just the long walks and some sort of fast food eating, I usually opt for few friends. But, for places like festivals, it is always fun to go out with a big group of friends.

13. Do you like travelling?

I’m really into traveling but, to be honest, I haven’t got many chances to do it. But I hope in the future, I will manage to travel in order to learn about new cultures and explore new places. This will expand my knowledge about the world.

14. Do you like snacks?-

Yes I’m into snacks very much. Around noon I usually have some biscuits, then about 2 pm I will have some ice cream or something like that and at night I will have some fruits. I can’t imagine how my day will be without snacks.

15. Do you like to take photographs? (Why?)

Yes I love taking photos because photographs are the memories of good times and special events. Also, I can capture the moments, interesting things or scenic beauty through pictures.

16. Do you like to help others?

Frankly speaking, I am very happy to give others a hand. Therefore, when I’m in university, I participate in a club in which I can do more volunteer activities to help people.

17. Do you like writing to people?

I’m not interested in writing because writing is really time consuming and hard to share when I’m in a hurry. You know, modern technology recently is amazing, people can do almost everything on it including sending something to anyone.

18. Do you like listening to songs?

Yes, of course, I’m a big fan of music. I’m really into going to a lot of music festivals if they are held in my city. Sometimes, I also listen to beautiful melodies for about one hour before sleeping at night. You know, some tunes when I’m riding my bike, this way helps me put my feet up and feel more energetic.

19. Do you like to be alone?

I would say yes, I love to stay alone when I need to completely focus on completing my assignments to meet the deadline. You know, I hate being interrupted while I’m in the middle of putting my thoughts into words. In addition, I extremely enjoy being on my own on weekend mornings, watching some short comedies and cooking for lunch.

20. Do you like to be a leader?

Actually, I’m keen on leading a team. I was involved in a small project at my high school and was a leader too. After that, I wish I could be a leader in my own business in the future because I enjoy dealing with complex business, technological and people related issues and even love working with people, something like that.

21. Do you like to work or study with others or just by yourself?

To be honest, I love to study alone ‘cause when I study on my own I can plan a personal study schedule that works best for me. Whereas, when I study in a group, the priority is finding a time that works for everyone, not finding a time that is most effective for studying. Therefore, studying alone allows me the freedom to choose when, what and how long I want to study.

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